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Get the recognition you deserve.
 Do you ever notice how some players always seem to make certain teams, or get attention from Junior scout's even if they aren't the best players on the team. THEY GET THEMSELVES NOTICED! 

Just like anything else, in hockey you have to promote yourself to get ahead. During the season a scout may watch you play only once or twice and if you had an off night or were injured they may ignore you for the rest of the season. You have to take your game to them, and at we give you that opportunity. 

PeeWee ... this is the age when Junior teams (ie. CHL, WHL, OHL etc) start monitoring your play. Scout's will start to track your stats preparing for the Bantam Draft. as well all-star and travel teams will look for players at this age group.      To register click here

Bantam... this is probably the most important age group for Junior teams. They closely track your season at this level as this is where the majority of their players are drafted from.     To register click here

Midget/ ... at this age Junior teams are looking for players that were late developers, or that were missed at Bantam. As well Tier 2 junior teams (ie MJHL, SJHL etc) will closely monitor your play to fill their rosters. College's routinely scout the Midget leagues for players, as do the professional teams.       To register click here

Junior... at this level University and College teams are heavily recruiting players, as are the semi pro teams in the US and European teams looking for players that want to continue playing after their junior eligibility is up.        To register click here

College/University ... teams scouting this level are usually the semi pro leagues and the European teams that are looking for players who want to continue their dream of playing hockey professionally.     To register click here

Pros.... who are looking to changes teams or leagues, or to play overseas can list themselves.    To register click here



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