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If you have tryouts coming up click on here for some tips and hints from coaches as to what they look for during tryouts.

At we provide teams looking for players and players looking for teams  a central registry for players to showcase their skills to teams and scouts.

see a sample page

Whether you're a junior age player looking for a team to play on this season, or a minor (youth) hockey player that wants to get the scout's to see your stats, can help you.

How does work?

Players receive a player profile that out lines their stats for the past 2 seasons and their hockey accomplishments, as well as where they are interested in playing. All hockey teams have free access to these profile pages to view your stats to fill positions on their teams if you are looking for a team now, or to monitor your play if you are on a team or a minor hockey player looking for future recognition.

What does it cost to register?

Teams will always have free access to your page. Your player profile page will cost as little as $59.00 to have your stats made available to hundreds of teams and scouts from all over the world. For a full fee schedule click here




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