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 Do you ever notice how some players always seem to make certain teams, or get attention from Junior scout's even if they aren't the best players on the team. 


Just like anything else, in hockey you have to promote yourself to get ahead. During the season a scout may watch you play only once or twice and if you had an off night or were injured they may ignore you for the rest of the season. You have to take your game to them, and at we give you that opportunity. 

PeeWee ... this is the age when Junior teams (ie. CHL, WHL, OHL etc)  as well as, allstar, and travel teams, and high schools start monitoring your play. Scout's will start to track your stats . You have to get yourself noticed by the scouts and teams.

By getting your player profile on-line at you give scout's and teams an opportunity to start watching your on ice production.

In addition to having your player profile on-line will receive our on-line newsletter with tips to make sure that scout's get out to your games and that you get noticed. Your player profile page should also include your league schedule so that the scout's can arrange to come out and watch you play. will also be holding a scouting evaluation weekend, where all scouts can watch the players, and can also meet and speak with the players and their parents about their future in hockey. The scouting weekend camp is only open to players. The dates, times and cities where the scouting evaluation weekends  will be held will be posted as soon as they are scheduled for 2000-2001.

Your player profile will be listed in our PeeWee category where scouts can log in and get your stats and information.

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